Design, implement, consult and audit SHEQ Management Systems across all industries

We empower organisations and their employees by continually increasing awareness on Occupational Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality matters by providing customised management solutions and training to fit any organisation’s unique needs.

Our consultants are experienced in the fields of SHEQ with over 18 years’ experience in designing, implementing, consulting and auditing management systems in various industries. With our expert solutions and collaborative consultation approach, we are able to provide the compliance and control framework required to effectively manage your risk profile.

Our highly motivated team pride themselves in developing customised and innovative SHEQ solutions that addresses an organisation’s risks from a holistic and procedural vantage point. By identifying regulatory, legislative, technical, and economic challenges within the organisation.

Our online training methodology focuses on techniques aimed to design and implement quality training material and effective delivery of training by our facilitators. Resulting in, good recall and the ability for each employee to practically apply what has been learned into their everyday work environment. Through our training courses, contractors, suppliers, communities, unions and SMMEs can be upskilled into the exciting and innovative journey of accessible online and in-person learning.

Our organisation has footprints in the Manufacturing, Wholesale and Retail Trade, Financial Services, Transport and Communication, Mining, Construction, Agriculture and Governmental, University Estates, Mobile communications, Security Technology, Electricity Generation, Transmission and Distribution and Wind Power Generation sectors.

Regardless of your industry, we have the custom solution and training package to reduce your organisations operational risk exposures.

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We’ve assembled a highly experienced and motivated team, dedicated to enabling your risk mitigation through customised and innovative SHEQ training and solutions, designed to address your organisation’s risks from holistic and procedural vantage points.

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Erika du Plessis

Accreditation & Training Development

Espee Hattingh

Expert Solutions & Consulting Manager