Positive News for the SHEQ Industry as the Number of Mining Related Deaths Decline

Positive News for the SHEQ Industry as the Number of Mining Related Deaths Decline

According to the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy in South Africa, the overall number of deaths in the South African mining industry has declined over the past decades and since 1993, South Africa has aimed to reduce mine fatalities to zero. The year 2019 was marked as the safest on record with only 51 mining-related deaths.

The best way we can prevent the risk of mine-related deaths is by driving health and safety from the top level by sharing successes and challenges in dealing with occupational incidents within the mining and related industries.

Today we’ll be identifying a mining-related incident and will assist in solving the incident with our SHEQ expert.

Identify problem:

A breakdown of a front end loader machine on a mine site caused a 3-hour delay in operations. At the same time the material feed conveyor belt drive overheated. This resulted in production pressure to keep up with production targets, workers assigned to this project on the mine site end up operating with a shorter amount of time to finish the project and experience difficulties in complying with all the procedures, seeing them as time consuming.

Pressure is placed on these individuals to perform decreased risk awareness and could lead to serious injuries and losses when employees take short cuts to save time.


ATVANCE EMPOWERED RISK MANAGEMENT can support your current SHEQ management system with software solutions and applications which can save you time when completing a project.

Get in touch with one of our experts today! We can assist with your organisations projects by designing a continuous risk assessment. This assessment would be performed on an ongoing basis to prevent breakdowns and losses in production or focus and compliance by employees. We customise solutions that best fit each client’s needs and focus on the demographics presented to minimise risks and ultimately increase profits.

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