Your Ultimate SHEQ Partner

Your Ultimate SHEQ Partner

Atvance Empowered Risk Management has made it our business to partner with your business by guiding companies, like your own, towards safe, efficient, productive and compliant work environments through holistic SHEQ training and management solutions, tailored to your needs.

When your risks are not kept in check, it can greatly affect your employees, the environment, the local community and also your bottom line.

Atvance ERM provides comprehensive goal orientated training and consultancy services, which in return create unique benefits, such as:

  • The capacity to reduce liability and protect human capital through customised SHEQ risk management solutions, tailored to your organisations unique needs and requirements
  • Increased skills profile, business values and governance principles – focussed on ongoing awareness and also your responsibility towards your employees, the community and the environment
  • Reduction in project down time, absenteeism and other workplace related incidents and injuries

We’ve assembled a highly experienced and motivated team, dedicated to enabling your risk mitigation through customised and innovative SHEQ training and solutions, designed to address your organisation’s risks from holistic and procedural vantage points.

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