ATVANCE EMPOWERED RISK MANAGEMENT’S collaborative consultation approach aims to provide the compliance and control framework needed to effectively demonstrate that management addressed all applicable legislation. 

Our experienced team will integrate Occupational Health and Safety, Environmental and Quality Management (SHEQ) compliance into the organisation’s risk management processes.

Types of Consultation


Organisation’s must be able to demonstrate a systematic approach and efficient tools to respond to their SHEQ challenges. ATVANCE EMPOWERED RISK MANAGEMENT assists in developing SHEQ Management systems to address and manage risks in the workplace. Our approach to system design is to ensure that each system works for the organisation without hampering productivity factors.

To do so, our team works with you to deliver a management system that is intelligent, proactive, and tailored to your specific needs. Whether you need a personalised system that conforms to the new ISO standards (such as ISO 45001:2018, ISO 14001: 2015, or ISO 9001:2015) or a transition from the previous standards towards the latest published ones, our team provides assurance that an effective compliance framework and processes are implemented.


ATVANCE EMPOWERED RISK MANAGEMENT’S assists by helping implement and achieving Sustainable Development goals. We assist with the process by integrating these 17 goals of the SDGs into your organisations current SHEQ management system and ensure compliance. 


The design, development and implementation of environmental development plans, impact assessments and applications can be a difficult process to navigate. Our highly experienced team of solutions experts will be on hand to guide you, assisting with all licenses, permit, and authorisation applications to facilitate their approval, while mitigating the risk of your organisation’s environmental impact, and saving you valuable time and money.


One of the greatest assets in any organisation is its people. We assist with Skills Development Plans by not only addressing current needs of the organisation but also its future needs.


Risk management is all about RISK. Our experts can assist with complete SHEQ risk assessments within any industry. We provide graphical results with quantified indicators and prioritise the identified risks for each client.


Unfortunately, unwanted events do occur! Our team searches for insight into the chain of events that lead to the actual incident and losses after the incident. This provides an opportunity for your organisation to improve and prevent similar incidents taking place in future.


The regulatory burden is ever increasing and more complex. Having an applied legal register is the first step to identifying relevant legal requirements and achieving legal compliance – this minimises the risk of possible criminal or civil action being initiated against your organisation and ensures sustainable organisational risk management. Our legal team, consisting of specialist attorneys and SHE specialists, will be able to compile a legal register that includes all legislation relevant to your activities, processes, and services, ensuring compliance with relevant legislation falling within the spheres of occupational health, safety, and environmental management.


Our experienced team of attorneys and SHE technical specialists will provide you with a detailed legal opinion regarding the application of any legislation that may have been ambiguous or silent, with additional insight as to the intent of the legislator.

Through our extensive network and relationships with legislative and regulatory bodies, we will be able to provide well-informed and thoroughly researched legal opinions to set you firmly on the path of legal compliance.

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